Syska SSK-ABS Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Plug

  • Wi-Fi Plug-This plug comes with Wi-Fi capabilities embedded in it which makes it innovative and technically advanced.
  • Amazon Alexa supported-Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plug is a smart device that can be controlled through a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.
  • Turn devices on/off with the mobile app-Now switch on/off your connected device easily through Syska Smart Home App. With a tap via the app, you are in charge of your device.
  • Create on/off schedules for your devices-You can Plan the switching on/off of your connected device as per the scheduled time.
  • Prevent your devices from overheating


Plugin, sit back and relax. The Syska Smart Wi-Fi plug is set to usher convenience in your life. With just one click through Syska Smart Home App, you can control any connected device. You can switch on/off your device through one tap from the Syska Smart Home App. It comes with a timer feature that allows you to schedule the connected device via the app. The plug makes sure your device doesn’t get overheated and prevents it by maintaining its temperature limit. The plug is enabled to monitor energy consumption via the app.



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